What to bring to your newborn session

You have done all of the research to prepare for the arrival of your little one.  You’ve found your Orlando newborn photographer.   As your newborn photographer, my goal is to make this experience as painless as possible.  I know you are tired and overwhelmed with everything right now.  After 13 years in business, I have amassed a collection of newborn accessories, wraps, fabrics and plenty of props.  I even have some of the baby essentials like diapers, wipes, sanitizer, clorox wipes, pacifiers, paper towels, water and snacks.  However, one of the first questions clients ask me is:  what do I need to bring?  Therefore, I’ve put together a little list: What to bring to your newborn session. 

What to bring to your newborn session | baby


What to bring to your newborn session | #1. Food for baby 

A newborn portrait session is unlike any other portrait session you may have done in the past.  This is not a quick in-and-out session.  The comfort of baby is crucial and therefore, we follow the baby’s lead.  As a result, these sessions can take a few hours. This means taking breaks as needed to soothe baby, change a diaper and yes, feed baby. At times, baby will need to be fed multiple times.  Please bring extra bottles of formula and if breastfeeding, a bottle of expressed milk is also helpful so that the photographer can feed baby in between shots (this is helpful although not required).   

What to bring to your newborn session | #2. A onesie that opens in the front 

For posed newborn photography, having baby asleep is key. Baby will also need to be undressed as most newborn clothing is baggy and not ideal for photos.  Baby will be undressed soon after you arrive.  Since most babies will fall asleep in their carseat on the way to the studio, we do not want to disturb them while we undress them.  A onesie that opens in the front rather then one you have to pull over their heads is super helpful!  This allows for the undressing of baby without waking them up.  We want to take advantage of a sleeping baby to get as many photos as possible. 

What to bring to your newborn session | #3. Pacifier

Even if you do not plan to give your baby a pacifier, having one for the newborn session is very helpful.  Keeping babies calm and comfortable is the key to a successful newborn session.  Newborn babies are still getting used to being out of the womb and establishing a good eating routine.  Sometimes babies use sucking to soothe themselves and using mom as a pacifier is obviously not ideal when we are trying to take photos of baby.  Using a pacifier to let baby self-soothe comes in handy in these situations.  Some babies will not take a pacifier but we will try if they are in need of soothing.  For this reason, I highly recommend bringing at least the pacifier supplied to you by the hospital and if all else fails, I do keep a small supply of brand-new pacifiers here at the studio. 


What to bring to your newborn session | #4. Neutral tops for parent shots 

Your newborn portrait session is a great time for that first family photo!  This is an important milestone for your family and your baby will not be this tiny again.  No need to go shopping for these photos.  Simply keep your clothing as neutral as possible for portraits that will be timeless years from now.  Solid colors in neutral tones are a win every time.  

what to bring to your newborn session | neutral clothing

What to bring to your newborn session | #5. Fully stocked diaper bag 

While I do keep a stash of diapers and wipes for parents to use to make things easier on clients, a fully stocked diaper bag is a necessity any time you leave the house with baby.  During those first few weeks as a new parent, it will be easily forgotten! In addition to extra diapers and wipes, I also recommend a changing pad, sanitizer, pacifiers and extra clothes for baby and yourselves!  Accidents do happen, so extra clothes for everyone is a good idea.  


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